Strategic consulting

Owing to our experience and our clients’ trust, together we managed to develop several innovative and interesting tools within the scope of market access and systemic solution consulting. We are specializing in:


preparation of solutions acceptable for a payer during the Market Access process (e.g. RSS)


consultancy and exercises related to successful evidence based communication with a payer


reports and solutions related to financing the most expensive diseases


participation in meeting with KOLs and HCS experts

The Pricing and Consulting Department headed by Magdalena Władysiuk, Vice-President of HTA Consulting, and supported by numerous analytical teams offers unique knowledge and extensive experience in the scope of health technology assessment both in Poland and worldwide. By specialising in health technology assessment and value-based pricing we support, advise on and suggest solutions regarding problems occurring in many areas of the health care system.

Market Access

Experience shows that preparation of the reimbursement application and the reimbursement process are closely related. It requires a broad strategic view on the product, therapies, health problem and the product portfolio. We are not afraid to stand aside, objectively evaluate and propose a strategic solution.

We provide strategic consulting in relation to the HTA report under development and independently from it; on products which are currently reimbursed or will be in the future, for new and existing therapeutic areas.

We offer strategic consulting based on:

  • results of health technology assessment (HTA),
  • market analysis and competition analysis,
  • analysis of the therapeutic area,
  • analysis of the health problem,
  • applicable provisions of law,
  • experience in other economy sectors,
  • using own know-how in areas of medicine, economy, law, management and social marketing.

Dedicated reports

Our versatile experience and skilled teams of clinical and economic analysts support the development of comprehensive reports and analyses in the scope of:

  • particular health problems,
  • systemic changes in health care in Poland and worldwide,
  • organization of financing services,
  • creating new and changing the existing procedural solutions in the health care system,
  • creating reports dedicated to specific problems and directed i.a. at doctors
  • developing negotiation strategies and price analyses for particular health technologies,
  • supporting market access in the scope of choosing an optimal method of financing, ways of applying for reimbursement and other forms of financing from public funds,

Risk sharing schemes

Owing to engaging all of our knowledge on the financing system in heath care and the long presence in the industry practising our analytical skills, risk sharing schemes prepared by HTA Consulting:

  • are original and tailored to the client’s needs and priorities,
  • are based on a reliable and comprehensive feasibility study,
  • take into account multifactorial assessment of pricing and reimbursement conditions,
  • contain additional solutions necessary in the negotiation process regarding reimbursement and pricing conditions.

To date we have prepared more than 50 various types of risk sharing schemes in accordance with the different mechanisms provided in the act on reimbursement. Each of the proposed solutions was custom-made and took into account innovative approach.

Mini HTA for hospitals

Hospitals implement various health technologies (not just drugs but also medical devices, diagnostic or surgical procedures) which require specific financial resources to facilitate not only to the purchase but also maintenance to be available within the framework of contracts concluded with payers.

Such solutions allow for performing analyses of the investment as well as considering the implementation of not only financial tools but also tools used for communications and managing decisions made at the hospital level. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a tool used in health care for decision-making, in particular in the scope of implementing new solutions and reimbursement, at various management levels (national, regional, institutional (hospitals)).


HTA is based on the assumption that for a population’s health status to improve it is necessary to maximise effects — mostly clinical effects — within the budget means at hand. The next step towards that improvement is changing the way health care is viewed and practised through prevention and diagnostics with the readiness to face the potentially unfavourable changes. The aim of HTA is also introducing a new quality of processes created by way of performing a systematic, well-documented and comprehensive analysis of consequences (clinical, financial, related to changes in organisation) of implementing new health technologies.

We offer the following services in this regard:

  • Efficacy analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis of new inpatient technologies or procedures;
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of hospital processes (diagnostic, therapeutic, mixed);
  • Training in the scope of EBM and HTA and teaching about analyses development;
  • Searching for data and analyses related to creating hospital processes;
  • Advisory with regard to optimisation of hospital processes.


Our one-day training in that scope covers concrete cases and indicates solutions used in leading institutions in other countries and ensures a clear and consistent message on mini-HTA methodology.