It is a type of an initial analysis performed for the purpose of determining the full scope of the HTA report. It helps defining the clinical context of the particular health technology assessment by determining:

the target population

the available alternative technologies

the relevant health effects


The decision analysis also makes it possible to estimate the quantity and quality of available evidence and plan further steps in developing HTA analyses. After results of the scoping report have been presented the client decides whether a full HTA report will be commissioned.

Scoping has one more important advantage — it not only outlines the health problem but also builds knowledge and awareness of a disease entity in the most comprehensive manner.

Applications of scoping
  • Defining the scope and form of the HTA report;
  • A document used for communication with:
    • clinicians,
    • decision-makers,
    • the media,
    • with local governments (local government units) and provincial governors.