IT tools

The many years of experience resulted in new tools streamlining our analytical work. The hundreds of budget impact analyses performed by our team gave rise to an extensive database on medicinal products dating back to as far as 2007. Recently we started sharing our resources.

Mobile Apps


With the use of our rich database resources and vast experience in creating Web applications we can offer you the possibility of developing mobile applications related to reimbursement field and targeted at various groups of recipients  and with different functions:

  • central or regional payer — to enable the dialogue during implementation phase of drug programmes,
  • hospital administration, treatment department — to monitor the costs of therapy during implementation of drug programmes,
  • doctors — to have access to databases with information on reimbursed drugs or therapy schemes,
  • Ministry of Health, Economic Commission — to avail price calculators, cost models comparing different therapeutic options.

The process of application development is carried out comprehensively and collaboratively, from the phase of content preparation up to the design of application layout and its launch.

The Dynamic Literature Catalogue

DLC is available as on-line service and/or iPad app.


The Dynamic Literature Catalogue ( is a perfect solution for those who need to always have “at hand” the up-to-date summary of results of all studies for the product in question. This service allows for preparation of simple collations, summaries and presentations of results. DLC makes it possible to quickly extract results of clinical studies, assess their credibility and compare selected reports.


It is an online, interactive database containing data from clinical trials regarding the use of the analysed intervention. Clinical trials included into the Catalogue were identified by means of a systematic search in medical databases.

IKAR pro stands for Internet Compendium of Reimbursement Analyses with Forecasting

The website was developed through combining many years of experience in the field of health technology assessment and reimbursement. A systematic analysis of reimbursement data made it possible to develop tools and solutions presented in a clear and unified way. The user-friendly website saves time spent on searching for information.


The comprehensive nature of the website aims at supporting the process of monitoring and analysis the market of reimbursed drugs,foodstuffs for particular nutritional use and medical devices.


IKAR pro is a platform providing a quick access to current and historical data on reimbursed drugs and supporting the process of analysing the reimbursement situation addressed at all parties shaping the reimbursed drugs market.

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