Economic analysis

performed based on decision techniques, Markov models, DES and other modelling methods

Applications of the economic analysis

  • The cost-effectiveness analysis of using the health interventions in question, i.e. the relation of costs to the health effects obtained;
  • Determining the threshold price of the intervention under consideration  – the maximal price which makes the considered technology cost-effective in comparison to alternative treatment options;
  • Identifying therapeutic and diagnostic processes which are optimal from the financial point of view.


Within an economic analysis, the cost-effectiveness analyses of a given health technology as compared to alternative technologies is evaluated in Polish (or foreign) conditions – depending on where the reimbursement application is submitted. It is developed based on data collected from the clinical analysis and additional sources. The economic analysis involves an analysis of costs of the compared health technologies calculated from a selected perspective, usually solely the perspective of the public payer or both the perspective of the public payer and patients when taking into account the patients’ co-payment. An intervention’s cost-effectiveness is usually expressed through the cost of gaining an additional health effect thanks to the technology under consideration as compared to alternative therapeutic options.

Related analysis and services

  • Economic modelling
  • Development of global economic models
  • Local adaptations of economic models
  • Cost-effectiveness studies and systematic research
  • Indirect cost calculations
  • Prognosis of the reimbursement expenditures