Infliximab – official price, limit, real price

4 of brands of infliximab (Remicade, Inflectra, Remisima and Flixabi) are reimbursement in Poland under 6 drug programs. Since the start of the reimbursement in 2012, the funding limit for 1 mg of infliximab has decreased by about 33%, while the volume-weighted average real price for NHF of products containing infliximab has decreased by nearly 50%.

In addition, since the entry of the Reimbursement Act in 2012,  the total number of refunded mg of infliximab increased from 629 thousand mg in the first year of reimbursement up to 2,853 thousand mg in the last year of reimbursement (increase by about 350%).

Changes in the limit and real price [per mg]:

2012.052018.02Decrease of the price
Price limit [mg]22.62 PLN15.08 PLN33.30%
The average real price [mg]21.12 PLN11.05 PLN47.68%