The story behind our company

HTA Consulting was established in 2001 in Krakow and pioneers in health technology assessment studies both in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. At present the primary activity of HTA Consulting is conducting assessments of safety, efficacy and costs of alternative treatment options in line with best credibility criteria adopted worldwide, i.e. Evidence-Based Health Care.

Since the establishment of the company in 2001 we have created over 500 full HTA reports. In the years 2003-2004 we developed our first protocols of prospective cost and clinical controlled trials. In 2005 we commenced our first randomised trial. In 2006 we designed a first register/observational study of patients which will be conducted by us in the years to come. We treat registers and observational/cost studies as priorities as they are cognitive tools of great importance to medicine.

Our long presence on the market hones and broadens our expertise in the utilization of methods worldwide applied and meeting global quality standards. Our accomplishments are best evidenced by numerous commissions from foreign clients. We constantly provide services to leading institutions and companies in the health care market in Poland, Europe and worldwide. Currently our company employs over 50 people — experts in medicine and economy  —  and keeps expanding.


Robert Plisko

Robert — President of HTA Consulting since 2006, he is one of the founders of the company. Robert - master of economy by education (Cracow University of Economics), started his career in the Polish National Centre for Quality Assessment in Health Care. Robert is the author of many publications on HTA and health care and as advisor to the World Bank he participated in projects conducted in Serbia. Robert heads the Economic Analyses Department and carries out projects in Asia and Australia. Calm and common sense are Robert's second nature.


Ph.D.M.D Magdalena Władysiuk

a doctor (Medical University of Lublin), economy graduate (master studies at Kozminski University in Warsaw) and manager by education (MBA at Kozminski University in Warsaw), in charge of the Pricing and Consulting Department and projects carried out in Poland and rest of Europe. Currently she is doing her specialisation course in public health and is during her PhD programme in the field of medical sciences There is no project in which Magdalena would not participate - her ingenuity and originality, which combined with her versatility and broad knowledge are particularly useful for unusual projects and are the company's great assets. Recently Magdalena has spent her vacations hiking in the Himalayas.


Przemysław Ryś

the Clinical Analyses Department's Director; a doctor by education, he graduated from Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University and worked in the J. Dietl Specialist Hospital in Krakow and the Krakow University Hospital. Przemysław heads the Clinical Analyses Department and supervises projects carried out in Poland and the rest of Europe. He is the author of clinical and methodical publications as well as a reviewer of scientific journals. He has a great eye for detail and the ability to ask inquisitive clinical and methodical questions.


Jakub Rutkowski

Jakub, master of mathematics (the Jagiellonian University in Krakow - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science) has worked with us from the very beginning and since 2009 has been Director of the Cost Analyses and Registers Department. Jakub's greatest flaw is his diligence (we find it hard to keep up with him :)) He is the only director who comes to work by motorbike.


In the 15 year of our work we carried out numerous diverse and innovative projects, among others:

we co-organised the 1st HTAi Annual Meeting in Krakow in 2004 — with around 500 participants from around the world (more information at:

we frequently sponsored and were invited as speakers of the EBHC symposium organised by CEESTAHC (more information available at:

we finalised the implementation of the EU project: Passport to Export of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme

we expanded into new areas, carrying out projects in countries such as China, Japan and Korea

we published two books: Basic features and principles of creating guaranteed benefits packages in selected countries (2006) and Pricing. Prices of reimbursed drugs, negotiations and risk sharing (2009)


we developed innovative IT tools – online services and mobile apps, such as, an extensive website on reimbursement, The Dynamic Literature Catalogue ( and others


we won the tender and conducted projects commissioned by The Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System in Poland (information about agency at


we developed and completed a randomised control trial for a medical device (2007), NIMI and ECONOMEDICA research projects and a register covering 700 diabetic patients


Company structure

President and Board
  • Clinical Deparment

    systematic reviews, decision problem analysis

  • Economic Department

    modelling, ecoomic analysis, BIA, reimbursement strategies

  • Cost and Registers

    clinical and cost registers, cost studies, IKAR pro

  • Consulting Deaprtment

    consulting, pricing and reimbursement, solutions for the health care system

  • IT Department

    innovation, mobile apps, online services administration & maintenance

  • DTP Department

    marketing materials, graphic design, publishing, webdesign

  • Adm. office

    makes the company works well and everything hangs together